Inventory no.: 1880

Akan People, Ghana, Chief’s Stool Ring


Cast Brass ‘Chief’s Stool’ Ring with Traces of Gilding

Akan People, Ghana/Ivory Coast

18th-19th century

height: 4cm, weight: 40g

This heavy ring has been cast with an elaborate and complex bezel that incorporates a chief’s stool, two spiky protuberances either side, and a typical Akan or Baule chief’s sword at one end, and a European rifle at the other. It is a splendid example of lost-wax casting.

The hoop of the ring is incised with stripe motifs.

The ring shows signs that is was once gilded, suggesting chiefly or royal provenance.

The ring has substantial wear with softened contours. It is marked to the inside of the hoop and the underside of the bezel with two old collection inventory number.


van Cutsem, A., A World of Rings: Africa, Asia, America, Skira, 2000.


Private Collection, Germany, acquired 1960-81

Inventory no.: 1880

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