Inventory no.: 755

Antique Indian Silver Jewellery – Necklace


Woven High-Grade Silver Flexible Chain Necklace

Karnataka, India

19th century

length: 47cm, weight: 556g

This silver loop-in-loop necklace is of high-grade silver and has a hooked closing. It has a wonderful patina; the segments of silver have been worn smooth from years of use. The tube that constitutes the necklace is solid and no hollow, so that the item has considerable weight ion the hand.

The hooked closing is decorated with bands of applied silver granules.

It is in a style worn as necklaces and belts by ladies in the Honava region of Karnataka.


a belt in a similar style from the Ghysels Collection, Brussels, is illustrated in Utracht, O., Traditional Jewelry of India, Thames & Hudson, 1997, p.242.

Inventory no.: 755