Inventory no.: 3211

Burmese Dha Hilt


Fine, Large, Carved Ivory Dha Hilt


19th century

length: 16cm

This ivory hilt is carved in the form of either Bilu, a fierce monster of Burmese folklore, or the monkey god Hanuman. The figure has a wide snarl, sharp, ferocious teeth, a protruding tongue and elongated, monkey-like fingers that curl upwards. It is unlikely that the hilt was used or attached to a sword as it lacks any hole to the base to which a blade might have been fitted.

An ivory

dha hilt of similar proportions and motif is in the collection of the British Museum, inventory no. 2003 3-6.1.

The hilt has developed a rich, reddish patina. It is complete and without losses or repairs. The base has not been drilled; it seems that this hilt was never added to a

dha blade.


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private collection

Inventory no.: 3211