Inventory no.: 1918

Chinese Export Silver Frame


Extremely Fine Chased Silver Frame by Gan Qing He


circa 1860

height: 21.5cm, width: 17.5cm, weight: 457g

This silver frame is very finely chased with elaborate scenes from Chinese legends. Castles are shown being attacked, Warriors on horseback are shown charging, and do on. All this is shown amid copious sprays of plum blossoms and other blooms, all in high relief, against a finely tooled background. It is an exceptional work of Chinese export silversmithing.

The frame has two hinged doors secured by a fine latch. The doors open to reveal an inside oval frame engraved with bamboo motifs.

The frame stands, easel-like, with two silver supports. Both are stamped with the maker’s mark for Gan Qing He. Relatively few examples signed by this maker have survived. The maker is believed to have operated in the second half of the nineteenth century but the precise whereabout in China of the workshop remains unclear.


Marlowe, A.J.,

Chinese Export Silver, John Sparks, 1990.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 1918