Inventory no.: 1243

Fine Cairoware Plate or Salver


Silver & Copper-Inlaid Brass Salver

Syria or Egypt

circa 1860

diameter: 30.5cm

Most probably made in either Damascus or Cairo, this revival brass plate of good size is finely and densely engraved and inlaid with silver and copper. The inlay comprises interlocking geometric patterns against a lac-filled ground of complex, interlocking arabesques in the manner of Veneto-Saracenic export wares of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

The plate is in very good condition. It has a good patina and no loss to the inlay work.


Auld, S.,

Renaissance Venice, Islam and Mahmud the Kurd: A Metalworking Enigma, Altajir World of Islam Trust, 2004.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 1243