Inventory no.: 3774

Gilded Copper Ganesh Amulet Pendant (Jantar), Nepal, 19th century


Gilded Copper Ganesh Amulet Pendant (Jantar)


19th century

length (approx.) 8cm, width: 7cm

This gilded (gold plated) copper amulet box known as a jantar is typical of a type of amulet box worn by both Nepalese men and women. It is repoussed with a multi-armed Ganesh and his consort. The reverse is plain but has a small ‘V’-shaped opening to allow the insertion of small talismans.

The top has a pair of lugs to allow suspension.

Jantar boxes were worn suspended from the neck singularly, or sometimes were worn in groups of three on cotton thread as a necklace.


Gabriel, H., Jewelry of Nepal, Thames & Hudson, 1999.


private collection, Channel Islands

Inventory no.: 3774