Inventory no.: 4330

Gilded, Wooden Reclining Buddha, Burma, circa 18th century


Gilded, Wooden Reclining Buddha in Parinibbana


circa 17th-18th century

length: 19.8cm, height: 5.3cm, depth: 4.3cm

This beautiful, fine image of the Buddha reclining and in fact laying dead (Parinibbana) has been carved in wood and then coloured with red lacquer and then been gilded (covered with gold leaf).

The form of this depiction of the Buddha is particularly youthful, somewhat languid, and almost feminine. The fingers are long and fine. The face is particularly

delicate and well modelled. The figure rests his head on a cushion that is made of a rolled-up blanket.

The image shows the Buddha at the time of death. His face is serene and he is at peace. Nirvana is within reach.

There are some age-related losses to the feet and to the top of the lower fringe of the Buddha’s robe. But these are old and add to the wear and patina of the piece. Overall, it is wonderful, small image with plenty of obvious age and character.


Fraser-Lu, S., & D.M. Stadtner, Buddhist Art of Myanmar, Asia Society Museum, 2015.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 4330