Inventory no.: 1572

Guang Mu Tian Wang, Virupaksha


Gilt Bronze Image of Guang Mu Tian Wang or Virupaksha


18th century

height: 17cm, weight: 901g

This superbly cast and gilded bronze image is of Guang Mu Tian Wang (广目天王), the Guardian of the West, known as Virupaksha in Tibet. The image is of Chinese origin and probably was made for the Tibetan market. Guang Mu Tian Wang is one of the four guardians of the four directions.

The image holds a sword hilt in his right hand (the blade no longer is present) and a pearl in his left. He has an ample and finely rendered beard, a deeply expressive face, and an array of complex, fine vests, leggings, flowing sleeves and the like.

The image has much character and movement. It is very three-dimensional – with pleasing aspects from all sides, front and back.

It has a fine patina, with attractive wear to the fire gilding. It does not stand freely and requires a stand to remain upright.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 1572