Inventory no.: 1307

Indian Bronze – Shiva, Uma


Shiva with Uma

South India

circa 1800

height: 21cm,

length: 18.5cm

This impressive and very well-cast bronze of good size shows Shiva standing with his consort Uma.

Both Shiva and Uma stand on round lotus-petal bases that, in turn, stand on a rectangular platform cast and etched with flowing lotus petals. The platform has prominent lugs on either side to allow the image to be secured.

Shiva is majestically clothed and bejewelled. He holds in his upper two arms two attributes: an antelope in one, and an axe in the other. His lower right hand is in

abhaya-mudra and the lower left in kataka-mudra. He is crowned with jatamukuta crown/headdress. The detail in the casting is evident in the fine and copious waistbands but also in the realistically rendering of Shiva’s knees.

Uma stands to Shiva’s left and holds a lotus bud in her right hand. She wears a finely striped dhoti and a

karandamukua crown/headdress.

Overall, this is a fine piece in exceptional condition. It was acquired in the UK and most probably has been in the UK since the colonial era which probably accounts for the fine condition.


Mitchell, A.G., Hindu Gods and Goddesses, UBSPD, 1982.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 1307