Inventory no.: 1380

Indian Hindu Nath Nose Ring


Silver Nose Ring (Nath) with Red Coral Beads

Northern India

19th century

diameter at widest point: 12cm, weight: 38g

This hoop of silver and coral beads is designed to be worn through a piercing in the side of the nose. Mostly worn by Hindu women in India, such noserings or naths also were worn by Indian Muslim women who, historically, have been acculturated with Hindu ways.

Generally, they were worn by married women, usually through the left nostril. Once a woman was widowed, her

naths were discarded.

This example features two coral beads, a series of silver beads in a variety of shapes and decorated with applied granulation work, two open-work beads with more granule work, and a long, curved plate decorated with granulation and filigree work.

It is in fine condition with obvious age.


Utracht, O., Traditional Jewelry of India, Thames & Hudson, 1997.


UK private collection

Inventory no.: 1380