Inventory no.: 3516

Indian Silver & Blue Stone Belt


Repoussed Silver & Silver Mesh Belt set with a Large, Single Mughal-style Carved Blue Stone Cabochon


late 19th century

length: 79cm, diameter of sapphire: 2.8cm, total weight: 113g

This very fine belt and buckle clasp is of three strands of fine woven silver wire mesh, kept in place with silver bands decorated with rose flower motifs, spaced equidistant along the belt.

The clasp buckle includes a pin which pulls out so that the belt can be opened. Each side of the clasp is decorated with a silver plaque repoussed with a pair of birds amid foliage. The centre of the clasp is set with a large domed blue sapphire that has been cut with a flower motif.

The blue-grey of the stone, which is a single piece of dumortierite quartz, native to India and Sri Lanka, contrasts beautifully with the silver-grey of the rest of the belt.

The style of the woven silver wire with rosette bands suggests the belt is from Maharashtra (Untracht, 1997, p. 242).

The belt and buckle are in an excellent, wearable condition.


Untracht, O., Traditional Jewelry of India, Thames & Hudson, 1997.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 3516