Inventory no.: 1280

Indian Zulfikar Sword


Rare ‘S-shaped’ Zulfikar Sword with Gilded Silver Over-laid Hilt


Blade dated 1709

length: 56cm

Zulfikar swords are relatively rare and this example is unusual even among zulfikars on account of the pronounced curve of its double-edged steel blade. As with other zulfikar swords, this example has a bifurcated or split end. One edge is saw-like; the other is not.

The blade is stamped on both sides with either a maker’s mark or an armoury stamp, which includes the date ‘1709’.

The iron or steel hilt is overlaid with silver and silver-gilt in stylised Mughal-inspired poppy designs. The hilt includes a concave pommel which similarly is decorated on the top and underside.

Overall, the sword is heavy in the hand.

A less ornate example of a zulfikar is illustrated in Tirri (2003, p. 331).


Tirri, A.C., Islamic Weapons: Maghrib to Moghul, Indigo Publishing, 2003.


US art market

Inventory no.: 1280


Stamp to the blade.