Inventory no.: 3146

Mongolian Jade Knife


Knife with Green Jade Hilt, Shagreen Turquoise & Coral


19th century

length: 28.3cm

This delicate knife from Mongolia comprises a green jade handle with a silver tang button, a single-edged steel blade, and a wooden scabbard covered in green shagreen (ray skin). The scabbard has silver fittings and is set with coral, lapis lazuli and turquoise cabochons.

A silver ring attached to the back of the scabbard would have allowed the knife to be attached to a belt.

There are no losses to the stones or shagreen. There is a small gap at the back of the scabbard suggesting that something is now missing, although it is not obvious what that might have been. The jade hilt is in fine condition.


private collection.

Inventory no.: 3146