Inventory no.: 2921

Shan Silver Betel Box


Rectangular, Chased Betel Box

Shan States, Eastern Burma

circa 1900

length: 16.5cm, width: 6.5cm, height: 6cm, weight: 319g

This finely chased rectangular box is of very high-grade silver (probably higher than sterling). It was made to hold betel, and is from the Shan people of Eastern Burma. It is typically Shan in motifs: the sides are engraved and chased with multiple panels of small birds amid intricately worked foliage, all within square and rectangular borders. The slightly domed lid is decorated with more birds and small animals all within deeply chased foliate scrolls. The border around the cover is pearled. The lid extends slightly beyond the box on all sides.

The base is engraved over much of its surface with more scrolling foliage motifs within defined borders.

The box is in excellent condition without dents, splits or repairs.


Fraser-Lu, S., Silverware of South-East Asia, Oxford University Press, 1989.Provenance:

UK art market

Inventory no.: 2921