Michael Backman on Malay Silver & Gold & North Africa, at the Monde des Arts de la Parure, Marrakesh, Morocco, June 8, 2024

Michael Backman will discuss his new book ‘Malay Silver and Gold’ as well as the Malays and their material culture in the wider Islamic world context including North Africa, at theĀ  Monde des Arts de la Parure museum in Marrakesh, on the evening of Saturday, June 8, 2024 – from 6pm.

The Monde des Arts de la Parure (Museum of the World of Adornment Arts) is a splendid new museum in the Kasbah, Marrakesh, Morocco.

Please contact the museum for more information – see the Museum’s website here.

Monde des Arts de la Parure
39-40 Rue Touareg,
Ksibat Nhas 40000
Marrakesh, Morocco.