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    Burmese Bronze Seated Buddha

    18th-early 19th century

    height: 31cm, width: 12.5cm, depth: 10cm, weight: 1,421g

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    UK art market

    This tall Buddha image cast in bronze shows the Buddha seated in bhumisparsha mudra with one foot over the other. The image is seated on a high, double-waisted lotus throne. The Buddha’s robes cover the left shoulder only and then fall down his chest and out in front of his legs.

    The Buddha’s ears are elongated befitting a prince and reach the shoulders. The face is rounded, the eyes almond shaped and downcast in contemplation, and the neck has three creases. The upper lip is enlarged and suggests a slight smile. The hands are large and the fingers elongated.

    The image is dominated by a very tall finial which emerges from the rounded ushnisha.

    Unusually, the base is enclosed, Tibetan-style, as if holding a consecration. The closure appears to be as old as the statue itself.

    The images has traces of gilding and lacquer, so probably was originally lacquered and then gilded.

    The image is in excellent condition with a dark, varying patina.


    Green, A., (ed.), Eclectic Collecting: Art from Burma in the Denison Museum, NUS Press, 2008.

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