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    Deccani Silver Bullet Case & Belt Set

    Hyderabad, Central India
    18th century

    width of silver case: 13cm, length of silver case: 10cm, depth of silver case: 14.8cm, combined weight (including leather): 483g

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    private collection, England.

    This  silver bullet box and matching pair of silver belt ornaments is from 18th century Hyderabad.  A similar example, also attributed to 18th century Hyderabad, is illustrated in Stone (1961, p. 335).

    The bullet box has an embossed red leather interior. The hinged cover is mounted with an oval carnelian cabochon in a silver box setting, as does the top of the box.

    Additionally, the curved sides and top of the box are decorated with applied flower motifs, silver loops, applied granulation work and other silver decoration.

    The belt ornaments are of trapezoid form and comprise silver wrapped over red leather backing. They are similarly decorated. Each has a lower fringe of small silver disc and spherical dangles. Handwritten Islamic text on paper, possibly Koranic and thus talismanic, is attached to the reverse of each belt ornament.

    The three elements have been attached to a later strip of leather.

    The elements are all in good condition and have clear age.


    Above: A chromo-lithograph based on a photograph taken for the International Exhibition held in London in 1862 showing ‘Ornamental Metal Work from East India’. The caption referring to East India probably means ‘the East’ as opposed to the eastern part of India, because each of the items shown is from differing parts of India. But what is shown in the front of the image is a bullet case and belt ornament set similar to the example here.



    Stone, G.C., A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in all Countries and in all Times, first published in 1934, Jack Brussel, 1961.

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