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    Fine & Intricate Burmese Silver Bowl

    Burma (Myanmar)
    circa 1870

    width: approximately 18.5cm, height: approximately 10cm, weight: 476g



    UK art market

    This fine Burmese silver bowl is repoussed with six scenes drawn from the Burmese version of the Indian Ramayana epic. The scenes are separated by elaborate floral scrolling.

    The upper border comprises a raised, elaborate dha-zin-gwei or stylised orchid motif border.

    The lower frieze comprises a fine border of acanthus leaf motifs in relief.

    The form of this bowl is based on the black lacquer begging bowl known as a thabeik used by Buddhist monks in Burma, although ironically, Burmese monks are prohibited from touching gold or silver.

    Overall, this bowl is a fine and more intricate example than most. It was acquired in the UK and most probably has been in the UK since the colonial era. It is without significant dents, splits or repairs. There are small pin-prick holes in the repousse work as is typical of these decorative bowls.

    The underside of the bowl is plain.


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