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    Gold, Enamelled Bazuband Pendant set Jade, Diamonds, Rubies & Emeralds

    Hyderabad, India
    circa 1850

    length: 8.8cm width: 3cm, weight: 26g



    UK art market

    This exquisite pendant-like item is a bazuband – a talismanic upper-arm ornament that would have been tied around the upper arm with cord.

    Of traditional, three-panel form, it comprises an octagonal jade plaque in a pierced gold frame set with rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

    The reverse is beautifully enamelled with flowers in green, cream and red enamel.

    Bazubands have long been worn in India. Examples can be found on early Indian sculpture as early as the Gandharan period. Just one might have been worn, or they were worn in groups.

    The example here is in excellent condition and very wearable in a contemporary setting as a pendant, perhaps suspended from a necklace.


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