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    Indian Carved Stone Musket Ball Mould

    circa 18th century

    length: 6cm, width: 2.3cm, combined weight: 71g

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    Roy Elvis Estate Collection of Indian Arms and Armour, UK

    This fine musket ball mould has been carved from green stone. It is most probably from India.

    It comprises two matching halves with space inside to mould from lead three separate balls of approximately 32-bore or calibre.  One end of the mould has a pair of inlets through which the molten metal can be poured.

    The ends are carved with grooves to allow straps to be fitted around and held in place. The leather straps in place now are later replacements.

    The set here is an excellent example.  Importantly, both halves are a precise match – they have always been together. An old collection number is on one side ‘I03’ – presumably the ‘I’ stands for ‘India.’

    The mould is in excellent condition.

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