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    Indian Saddle Axe (Tabarzin)

    Northern India
    early 19th century

    length: 65.6cm, width: 20cm, weight: 1,829g



    UK art market

    This fine, Persian-influenced saddle axe has a superb, chiselled steel head and a long wooden handle wrapped in leather.

    The weighted axehead has been chiselled to both sides of the blade with flower motifs.

    The section of the handle near the head is covered in silver that has been repoussed with flower motifs. The top of the end of the handle is decorated with silver studs.

    Saddle axes were carried by warriors on horseback under the saddle and were used for hand-to-hand fighting.

    This example is in fine condition. It has a good, heavy weight in the hand.


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    Terlinden, C., Mughal Silver Magnificence, Antalga, 1987.

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