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    Javanese Bronze Image of Seated Bodhisattva Padmapani

    Central Java, Indonesia
    9th-10th century

    height: 16.7cm, width: 10.4cm, depth: 8.9cm, weight: 1,996g

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    formerly in the collections of Professor Samuel Eilenberg (1980s), Jerry Mitchell & John Bartlett, UK.

    This image of the Bodhisattva Padmapani shows the deity, with a pleasing face, seated on a raised dais on a throne and with a flaming aureole of backing plate. The left hand of the deity holds a padma or red lotus stem, and the lotus flower is above the left shoulder. Arms bands, a prominent jewelled necklace, earrings and a high, tiered crown are among the jewellery adornments.

    The image is unusual in that two flaps spill from the front of the throne – possibly intended to signify animal pelts or woven textile. A tiger-type creature stands beneath the throne. Its face peers from beneath the textile flaps and its tail curls out the rear of the throne.

    The image dates to the 9th-10th century, at a time when both Buddhism and Hinduism co-existed in Central Java.

    The image has a thick, encrusted, green patina. There are no losses or repairs. The image is of a good size and excellent provenance. The base retains a label from the previous collector detailing the past provenance, which we have confirmed from Jerry Mitchell, one of the previous owners mentioned.

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