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    Fine Karo Batak Piso Andar Andar Sword with Gold Suasa & Silver Mounts

    West Karo Batak People, North Sumatra, Indonesia
    19th century

    length: 55.5cm, weight: 396g

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    private collection, UK.

    This fine example of a piso andar-andar sword is from the Karo Batak people of North Sumatra. It is notable for its age and obvious patina. The wooden scabbard is decorated with a pleasing mix of alternating bands of silver and bands of a gold-copper alloy known as suasa. The top of the scabbard is carved in low relief with geometric motifs.

    The hilt has a bulbous termination known as a bajan, and is carved from a single piece of horn. The form probably is based on the head of a parrot. The base is delicately carved with a crenulated border.

    The steel blade is single-edged, long and thin. It has some minor, age-related discolouration.

    A related example is illustrated in Sibeth (1991, p. 164).


    The Batak Raja Sibayak Barusjahe with a related piso andar-andar. Date unknown, Tropenmuseum Collection.



    Sibeth, A., The Batak: Peoples of Island Sumatra, Thames & Hudson, 1991.

    Sibeth, A., & B. Carpenter, Batak Sculpture, Editions Didier Millet, 2007.

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