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    Kris with Gilded Silver Hilt

    Bali, Indonesia
    early 20th century

    total length: 56.5cm, length of hilt: 12.2cm, total weight: 576g



    UK art market

    This fine Balinese kris comprises the wavy blade and a gilded (gold plated) silver hilt. There is no scabbard. The hilt is a magnificent example of a courtly-style hilt shaped as a well-modelled demon (raksasa) figure. The hilt is of an ample size – chunky even – and feels balanced and ‘full’ in the hand.

    The blade has a light pamor pattern. Pamor iron is achieved by hammering and folding sheets of molten iron and nickle until the resulting blade has a fine, watered appearance. Such pamor designs imbue the kris with magical powers. Such blades were produced by kris-smiths (empus) – a role that combined blacksmithing with Balinese mysticism.

    The blade is in fine condition. The hilt is in excellent condition. It is without repairs or losses. The hilt is the star component here. It is an excellent piece of silversmithing.


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