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    Moroccan Silver Niello Cuff Bracelet with ‘Frog’ Motifs

    Berber people, Central Anti-Atlas, Southern Morocco, possibly the Irherm region
    19th century

    internal diameter: approximately 5.3cm, weight: 65g

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    private collection, US

    Bracelets such as these are a well-known type unique to southern Morocco, among Berber communities, but now scarce and difficult to find even in Morocco.

    The strange shape of these bracelets with their angular, pointy aspects are intended to ward off the evil eye, in keeping with other ‘sharp’ forms.

    The bracelet is of silver and is decorated with niello with floral and geometric motifs. The flower-like motif with ‘legs’ on each side that decorate each of the widened ends is a frog motif – frogs being associated with rainfall and thus prosperity, fertility and fecundity. This is a relatively rare motif.

    It is of open form and has flared ends but which narrows opposite the opening.

    The narrowest part is mounted with a prominent rivet, with a rivet on each side of this.

    Bracelets such as this example were much favoured in southern Morocco. The nielloed patterns generally is helpful in determining the place of origin.

    The example here has plenty of signs of age and is in fine condition.


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