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Omani Silver Amulet Box (Hirz) & Necklace with Applied Gold Plaques

circa 1900

total hanging length: 45cm, approximate length of chain: 60cm, length of amulet box: 9.2cm, weight: 330g



UK art market

This necklace and amulet box is made of silver, and from the Bedouin people of Oman. The box itself, which is known as a hirz, is further decorated by applied gold plaques. This use of gold plaques suggests it might be from Nizwa in Oman.

The amulet box opens on one side, allowing slips of paper inscribed with protective Koran verses to be slipped inside.

Nine pairs of silver dangles are suspended on thick silver chains from the box.

The necklace itself comprises a high-quality and robust triple silver chain.

Related examples are illustrated in Geoffroy-Schneiter (2011, p. 36), Hoek (2004, p. 54), Borel (1994, p. 119), Rajab (1998, p. 41) and Hawley (2000, p. 41).

The example here is in excellent condition and is stable and wearable.


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