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    Omani Silver Headdress with Red Bead & Other Temporals

    circa 1930

    length: 101cm, weight: 507g



    UK art market

    This headdress comprises bands of multiple silver chains and silver rings designed to be worn over the head. A central strands ends with a silver plaque that terminates with a hook which would have been attached to another (textile) layer of headdress.

    Attached to each longer strand is a large hoop earring-like temporal (temple ornament) with coral-red beads. The form of these earrings is  unusual. They comprise large, solid silver hoops with pairs of spiky silver beads interspersed by coral-red ceramic or glass tubular beads. The spiky beads are likely based on seed pods found in the desert and which evolved to stick to the fur of animals.

    The red glass beads are likely to date to circa 1930, and themselves are unusual.

    Further suspended from the hoop earrings are triangular silver plaques decorated with applied silver wire and other applique work. Twelve chains are suspended from each of these and each of these terminates with a rounded silver plaque decorated with silver twisted wirework.

    The headdress is pleasing and decorative. The set has a fine patina from use, handling and age.


    Rajab, J.S., Silver Jewellery of Oman, Tareq Rajab Museum, 1998.

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