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    Qajar Bird Hunting Whistle & Carved Wooden Gem-Set Case

    Persia (Iran)
    19th century

    length: 16.5cm, weight: 58g

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    Oliver Hoare, London; Christie's, London, Indian and Islamic Works of Art, 20 Apr 2007.

    This rare and fine wooden case holds a hunting whistle which comprises a horn tube and attached green fluorescent duck tail feathers that are bound to the end of the tube.

    The case is of brown wood carved with a pair of recumbent rams and terminates with an elephant’s head. It is further decorated on both sides with fine, arabesque panels.

    The rams’ ears are inset with turquoise cabochons and their eyes are inset with faceted rock crystal gems. The elephant head is inset with a pair of faceted rubies for eyes. One further turquoise cabochon decorates the underside of the case as the centre of a carved flower.

    The whistle is held securely inside the case with cord that has been wound tightly around the ensemble. We have not sought to remove the whistle from the case.

    The set is in excellent condition and has obvious age and a good patina.

    Cased whistles such as these are very rare; few have been published.

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