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    Silver-Inlaid Bronze of Lakshmi-Narayan

    Gujurat, Western India
    16th century

    height: 8.5cm, width: 6.1cm, depth: 4.2cm, weight: 257g

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    private collection, UK

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    This fine and well proportioned image from Western India shows Vishnu as Narayana with Sri Devi (or Lakshmi) seated on his left knee. Vishnu is seated on a pierced, rectangular throne. Sri Devi has a kuchabandha across her breasts, which is one of her defining attributes. Vishnu holds a lotus stem and other attributes.  His front left hand supports Sri Devi. He is seated on a lotus throne. Both have dhoti garments and well-defined jewellery including anklets and bracelets. Both have conical hair styles or crowns.

    The eyes of both Vishnu and Lakshmi are inlaid with silver and Vishnu has a srivatsa symbol on his chest.

    An arched aureole or backing plate rises from behind Vishnu and is topped by a kalasha vase.

    Attendants or minor deities are on either side and in front of the couple.

    The piece shows significant age. It has a good, varying patina, and features worn with devotional (puja) wear. Lakshmi’s lower left hand is no longer present.


    Mitchell, A.G., Hindu Gods and Goddesses, UBSPD, 1982.

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