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    South Indian Bronze Pair of Bhu Devi & Sri Devi

    South India
    16th century

    height: 15.8cm for both statues, combined weight: 1,242g



    private collection, London, UK

    This unusually fine and elegant pair of bronzes depict the two consorts of Vishnu, Bhu Devi and Sri Devi. Importantly, the two are a matched pair, made together and have remained together.

    Both images are well cast and detailed, particularly in terms of the ample jewellery each wears, including necklaces, hoop earrings, anklets, toe rings and finger rings all clearly delineated.

    Each image wears a striped dhoti, has a tall, multi-tiered karandamukuta headdress with a lotus bud finial, and holds aloft a lotus bud stem.

    Each stands on a round platform etched with lotus petal motifs.

    Bhu Devi is depicted nearly always without a kuchabandha or breast band (as is the case here), whereas Sri Devi is shown with such a bamd.

    Conventionally, Bhu Devi is shown standing to the left of Vishnu and Sri Devi is shown standing to the right.

    The fine details of the images here are crisp and there is little puja wear. Both have lovely, dark, age-related patinas.


    Archer, M. et al, Treasures from India: The Clive Collection at Powis Castle, The National Trust, 1987.

    Mitchell, A.G., Hindu Gods and Goddesses, UBSPD, 1982.

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