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    Spanish Colonial Silver Holy Water Stoup or Aspersorium (Acetre)

    Spanish Colonial Peru or Mexico
    18th century

    height (from the ring of the handle to the base): 23.5cm, width: approximately 11cm, weight: 190g

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    UK art market

    This vessel of hammered and chased silver sheet is a holy water stoup or bucket used as part of the Catholic liturgy. It is in the style of Spanish colonial silverwork produced in Mexico or South America.

    It sits on a wide foot with a chalice-like body. The foot and the lower part of the body are decorated with petal-like ribbing, and the main part of the body is chased with floral-like lunettes. A swing handle is attached to the top of the vessel.

    Such a holy water aspersorium would be used in conjunction with a aspergillum (hisopo), a pestle-like instrument that the clergy would dip into the holy water and then flick over whatever or whoever they intended to bless.

    The foot is engraved with a name ‘F. A. Pole-Carew’ plus there are two maker’s or assay marks on both the foot and the handle: one with the letters CA, and the other is a  stamped animal assay mark over the number-letters 00Z. We have not been able to identify these marks. However,  ‘F. A. Pole-Carew’ most probably is the name of a (later) owner and possibly refers to Frances Antonia Pole-Carew, a daughter of the British politician the Rt. Hon. Reginald Pole-Carew (1753- 1835), a minister and Privy Counsellor. He was also a major art collector, and the British Museum was among the buyers of his estate.

    The stoup is in excellent condition. It is not heavy for its size.


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