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    Sudanese Bedouin Silver Ring

    Rashaida People, Sudan
    early 20th century

    weight: 26.86g, US ring size: 9, UK ring size: R/S



    UK art market

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    This unusual, tall ring, made for a woman, is from the Rashaida people of Sudan.

    The Rashaida is a tribe of ethnic Bedouin Arabs who are descended from Bedouins from the Saudi Arabian peninsula.

    The most outstanding feature of this type of ring is the almost oddly high cylindrical bezel.

    The ring is decorated with granulation and wire work. The flat top of the bezel is decorated with more granulation work and is arrayed in such a way so as to serve as a protective device against the evil eye.

    The bezel is hollow but has some hollowness – a piece metal jangles inside so that the ring tinkles when moved quickly.

    An almost identical example is illustrated in van Cutsem (2000, p. 32).

    The ring here is stable, wearable, and has clear age.


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