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    Sumatran Minangkabau-Acehnese Wooden Shield with Pierced Brass Mounts (Peurise)

    West Sumatra, Indonesia
    19th century

    diameter: approximately 31cm, weight: 1,022g

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    Dutch antique market

    This parrying shield or buckler has been carved from light wood. It is decorated with seven large, brass, pierced six-pointed stars, each with a central dome. Additionally, other smaller star motifs have been added to the surface. The outer edge is decorated with brass wire arrayed in repeated triangles. The surface of the wood has also been coated in a dark paint.

    Four small rings attached to the concave reverse would have allowed rope or tape to be pulled through so that the shield could be worn over the forearm.

    Shields or bucklers such as this example were made by the matrilineal Minangkabau people of west Sumatra for export to the Aceh sultanate in northern Sumatra. The Acehnese used bucklers of this dimension for a type of sword dance that no longer is performed. Such bucklers also were exported to the Batak people of northern Sumatra.

    Minangakabu bucklers come in a wide variety of media and types.  Related examples are illustrated in Singh (1985, p. 41), Jasper & Pirngadie (1930, 144), and Van Zonneveld (2001, p. 106). Gardner (2009, p. 75) illustrates a very similar example.

    The buckler here is in fine condition.


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