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Tibetan Cast Brass Snow Lion Pendant Plaque

circa 18th century

height: 9.3cm, width: 11cm, weight: 156g

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private collection, UK

Tibet is known as the ‘Land of the Snow Lion’. This dynamic rendering of the mythical snow lion has been cast in brass and then engraved. The lion is depicted dancing and holding aloft a string of what is likely to be jewels. The lion’s mane flares with movement as does his tail.

In the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, the snow lion is one of the four ‘dignities’ associated with the ‘wind horse’. The others are the dragon, the garuda and the tiger.

The plaque was designed to be worn either suspended or sewn onto cloth. The reverse has a small lug at the top to allow suspension. Today, it could be worn as a striking pendant.

The plaque has excellent wear and a fine patina.


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