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    Tuareg Wooden Storage Post (Bela)

    Tuareg People, Mali, Niger or Algeria
    early 20th century

    height (including stand): 148cm, width: 51.5cm

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    private collection, UK.

    Simple wooden ‘Y’ form posts such as this example were used by the nomadic Tuareg people in their desert camps to hold leather bags, gourd containers and to support rolls of fabric and woven cane that were used as wind shelters. They were driven into the ground so that the items they supported were kept off the ground and away from rodents and other animals.

    The example here is made from a single piece of wood. The two finials have been carved with knob-like ends so that items slung over the arms are less likely to fall off.

    The post has a custom-made stand to allow it to stand freely on the floor.


    Phillips, T., Africa: The Art of a Continent, Prestel, 2004.

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