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    Uzbek Gold Nose Ring (Arabek)

    Uzbek People, Central Asia, including Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan
    early 20th century

    width: 2.1cm, height: 2.9cm, weight: 4g

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    private European collection

    This nose ring is of gold and red glass beads. A central gold disk is inset with a turquoise chip. The gold elements are decorated with very fine gold granulation work.

    Nose rings were worn by Uzbek women in central Asia. They were attached to the right nostril and were believed to prevent malignant spirits from entering the body whilst the wearer inhaled.

    Related nose rings are illustrated in Seiwert (2009, p. 192), Hoek (2004, p. 105) and van Cutsem (2005, p. 82).


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