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    Wahabite Silver Dagger & Scabbard (Khanjar)

    Wahhabite People, Hijaz and Asir regions, western Saudi Arabia
    19th-20th century

    overall length: 41cm, width: 5.7cm, weight: 426g

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    private collction, UK; collected in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s

    This particularly fine khanjar or jambiya comes from the Wahhabite people of the Hijaz and Asir regions in the western part of the Arabian peninsula.

    It includes a double-edged, highly-polished steel blade with a prominent mid-rib with some engraving to each side.

    The wooden scabbard is encased with high-grade silver sheet that is engraved with arabesque scrollwork on the front and fish-scale like cross-hatching on the reverse. It is further embellished with much applied silver granulation work including that which surrounds a series of particularly high bosses.

    The hilt terminates with a triangular finial decorated along the edge with five applied silver spheres. Such a hilt is typical of Wahhabite daggers. The hilt also is decorated with three grain-like motifs which generally are fertility or prosperity symbols.

    The chape at the end of the scabbard is elongated and bulbous.

    The mid section of the scabbard is fitted with a leather strap that on the front is attached to the scabbard with some exceptionally fine woven silver wire work.

    The blade fits particularly snugly into the scabbard. The blade itself has only minimal old rust staining. Overall, this is a particularly fine example of a Wahhabite dagger. It is complete and without repairs or loss. It has good wear and a fine patina.


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