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All items shown in our catalogue are for sale unless indicated otherwise. All are located in central London and we ship worldwide from London.

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    Selected Finest Items

    Selected Finest Items

    An exhibition page of some of our most important, available items.

    Indian & Sri Lankan Antique Jewellery

    A curated page of fine, antique jewellery from India & Sri Lanka.

    Antiques from Burma (Myanmar)

    Antiques from Burma or Myanmar collected in the UK and which date to colonial times.

    Jewellery from Asia

    One of our several jewellery pages - jewellery from Asia including India, Southeast Asia & the Himalayas.

    Moroccan & North African Jewellery

    Splendid examples of antique jewellery from North Africa.

    Thai & IndoChinese Antiques

    Antiques from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam.

    Colonial Indian & Burmese Silver

    Silver items made in India during the colonial era. One of several pages devoted to Indian silver.