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    Malay Tiger-Motif Sewar Dagger with Horn & Silver Mounts

    Sumatra/Malay Peninsula
    19th century

    length: 30cm

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    UK art market

    This fine sewar dagger is a particularly good example. The chape and upper part of the wooden scabbard are encased in silver sheet engraved with scrolling foliage. One side of the upper casing on the scabbard is further decorated with an unusual tiger motif. The top and bottom of the silver casing is decorated with borders of repeated tiger stripes. The middle section of the scabbard is encased with ten pairs of silver rings.

    The hand guard is of finely carved and pierced horn, as is the hilt. The hilt ring is of silver and is decorated with an applied filigree plaque.

    The blade is of steel and is single-edged. Sewars were intended as stabbing weapons.

    This example is in excellent condition. There are no losses or repairs. It has a superb patina.


    Gardner, G.B., Keris and other Malay Weapons, Orchid Press, 2009 (reprint of 1936 original).

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