New Podcast: In conversation with prolific author on Asian art, Dawn Rooney

Our latest Podcast is with the trailblazing and highly accomplished researcher and author Dawn Rooney.

Dawn is the author of many articles and at least ten books on the arts and material cultures of Southeast Asia including Betel Chewing Traditions in South-East Asia (Oxford University Press, 1993), Ancient Sukhothai: Thailand’s Cultural Heritage (River Books, 2008), Angkor, Cambodia’s Wondrous Khmer Temples (Odyssey, 2011), Ceramics of Seduction: Glazed Wares of Southeast Asia (River Books, 2013), and Bencharong: Chinese Porcelain for Siam (River Books, 2016). Dawn divides her time between residences in the US and Bangkok (where the Podcast was recorded).

The Podcast focuses on Dawn’s career as a researcher and writer, and on her contribution to our understanding of Southeast Asian art and history.

Listen to the Podcast with Dawn Rooney here.


Dawn Rooney’s most recent book – Bencharong: Chinese Porcelain for Siam (River Books, 2016).

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