New Podcast: The Mysteries of Gold & Silver Filigree

We have a new podcast! And the subject is filigree.

Objects made of filigree are among the most extraordinary items ever to have been produced from gold and silver. Such items present one of the great mysteries of the art world. Where were they made? Who made them? How?

Filigree, it turns out, is an art practiced by gold and silversmiths from Southeast Asia, to India, to Europe, Northern Africa and South America. And that makes filigree even more of a mystery, for it makes determining precise provenance even more difficult. It is perhaps for this reason that filigree items are among the most popular items we sell in the Gallery – it is an area where there is still more research to be done, and that, for many collectors and curators, is one of filigree’s attractions.


Listen to the Podcast here.


Link: An unusually large silver filigree betel box, Dutch East Indies, circa 1700.


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